Wild basil is an annual plant with an oily green stem, 15 to 40 cm high. Its leaves look like boxwood, only larger. The flower is arranged in a circle of cells that look like a cat's footprint.

It is distributed throughout Bulgaria, especially in the Balkan Mountains, Sredna Gora and the Rhodopes.

Some traditional applications of the Wild basil (Clinopodium Vulgare L.) are associated with stimulating the regenerative processes of the body, beneficial effects on the circulatory system, strengthening the body's resistance. Recommended for gynecological diseases, uterine fibroids, prostatitis, kidney stones. It is mentioned as a means of clearing arterial plaques and has a beneficial effect on disorders of the circulatory system. The herb also has an antidiabetic effect.

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia recommends the plant for cough, red eyes, sore throat, diphtheria, abdominal pain, dysentery, vomiting; hemolysis, haematuria, uterine bleeding, traumatic haemorrhage, hepatitis; cholecystitis, stomach pain, joint pain, inflamed swelling, snake bite, eczema, hemorrhoids.

The main application is the hemostatic effect. Pollen from the herb, applied externally on slit wounds, significantly shortens the bleeding time, even in severe slit wounds of the femoral artery.

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