Wine vinegar is a common product in the folk medicine of the Slavic peoples as a cooling drink at high temperatures.

Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Bulgarians, Jews, Greeks, Romans and Germans used it to cook sour dishes, to store meat and vegetables, for soft drinks.

And quite naturally it finds a place in the healing practice. In an extensive work in the 15th century, Amasiatsi emphasizes that wine vinegar is the best: it helps with all kinds of headaches, toothaches, eczema, leg ulcers.

Wine vinegar is also useful for ear ulcers, clears the head of dandruff, stimulates digestion, strengthens the stomach, quenches thirst, stops bleeding and reduces ejaculation in men.

Against bad breath Avicenna recommended in 350 ml wine vinegar to put 35 g of dried sea onion, leave to soak in dark place for 7 days and after straining to drink 6 ml extracted every day.

In the 17th century, the Earl of Rumford, who served in the Bavarian royal court, became famous for his discovery of cheap military food, which was also used to feed the poor. It is a soup made with more water and vinegar, in which they boiled barley bulgur, peas and a few potatoes.

Lovers of sour foods who have stomach ailments should be careful with the use of vinegar in meals. This is recommended for the elderly, as well as for those suffering from joint pain, constipation, prostatitis and sexual weakness, as well as after recovery from debilitating disease.

"Zdravnitza" collected some tested folk recipes with wine vinegar.

Recipe against high temperature

Prepare a solution - 2-3 parts water, 1 part wine vinegar and mix well. Soak a cotton cloth in the mixture, squeeze lightly and place on forehead, chest or lower limbs. Place a woolen cloth on the wet cotton cloth and leave until dry. After drying, the cotton cloth is soaked and put back on. This action is repeated until the body temperature drops.

Recipe against cold and flu

Prepare a mixture of wine vinegar, olive oil and camphor. Soak a woolen cloth in the prepared mixture and put on the chest. Leave to stand for 1 night.

Recpie against ear ulcers

Mix 100-125 ml wine vinegar and water, add 1 tbsp dried leaves of plantain (the herb can be found in "Zdravnitza"). Put the finished mixture on a water bath for 8-10 minutes. Leave to soak until cool. Strain. Drop 1-3 drops in the ear daily.

Recpie against psoriasis

Itching in psoriasis and jaundice is temporarily removed with wine vinegar and water mixed in a ratio of 1: 3.

Recipe against fungus

In case of fungal disease on the feet, the affected areas are first sprinkled with baking soda, and then moistened with wine vinegar. The use of vinegar alone also has a healing effect.

Recipe against corns

Corns are removed with the help of onion peels soaked in vinegar for 14 days. It is applied to the callus and the skin around it is pre-coated with Vaseline, bandaged and stays overnight. In the morning it is removed, the feet are soaked in hot water and the callus is scraped off. If the result is unsatisfactory, the procedure is repeated.

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