Конопена наколенка против болка - Коносан
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Konosan - Hemp sealing sleeve against pain

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Hemp sealing sleeve - Konosan has beneficial effect on osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteophytes, tendovaginite, disc hernia, neuritis, radiculitis and others.

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Product code: 89075105
Package Quantity: 1 pc.
Origin: Bulgaria
Ingredients: Konosan - hemp sealing sleeve
Shipping Weight: 0.200 kg

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Product information

What is KONOSAN?

Konosan is natural hemp rope, which is subjected to further processing to enhance its analgesic effect and action. The name "konosan" is an abbreviation of hemp and Sano (rehabilitation - Latin).

Under what conditions KONOSAN can help?

Konosan alleviates and helps by chemical substances in with osteoarthritis, arthritis, spines, neuritis, spondylitis, myositis, disc hernia, radiculitis, tendinitis, spondyloarthrosis, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis and others.


The skin surface of the body are projected lying in deep neuro-vascular elements and projections of various internal organs. In their irritation triggered by other events therapeutic effect. Touching the skin of Konosan has information, energy and biochemical effects. It was found that in the area of the diseased organ changes except biochemism, and its energy field. Through its fine cloth, hemp "consuming" excess electricity and alleviate suffering. The chemical composition of natural hemp includes substances whose penetration through the skin acting analgesic by directly influencing the biochemical processes and blocking pain receptors.

KONOSAN Advatages:

Konosan has the advantage that it avoids both the skin is punctured, and gross mechanical irritation and associated discomfort. Further, the Konosan does not require knowledge of biologically active points - it just is placed on the affected area. Another advantage is that the product is completely environmentally friendly and does not have any side effects.

KONOSAN Side Effects:

There are no known side effects. When sensitive skin is possible a few minutes feeling of discomfort, which passes within minutes.

KONOSAN placing on the body:

Konosan - hemp sealing sleeve is placed on the knee being attached with rubber bands without tighten. Konosan be worn directly on the skin under clothing that they provide additional fixation to the body.

To achieve long-term effect is advisable not be removed except while bathing. Wetting decreases analgesic effect, and the same applies when changing the owner.

Over time analgesia gradually weakens and after 1-2 months it is possible to completely discontinued. This can also be assessed by smoothing the fine fibers of the rope, which requires its replacement with a new one.

Packing: 1 pc. hemp sealing sleeve, information sheet, cardboard box.

Merchant information:

This product is offered by ZDRAVNITZA. If you are a retailer and you are interested in our products, please contact us to provide you price list and conditions for partnership accord. Products that ZDRAVNITZA offers have all the necessary certificates and documents that allow the sale within the European Union.

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Нина Х 01/09/2021

За сега действа добре

Облекчава гонартрозата. Комбинация с телешки желатин или женшен с пантокрин.През нощта майка ми го сваля, защото ѝ е некомфортно.

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Анелия Данева 02/06/2019

Коносан наколенка

Отсколо ползвам продукта,но определено има ефект.Леко локално затоплящо действие и отблокиране на ставата.Надявам се на по-ясно изразен ефект при по-продължителна употреба.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Мария Д 12/14/2016

мария д

След като лично се убедих в ползата от въже, гривна и колан, направих подарък на моя приятелка. Тя е доволна.

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Konosan - Hemp sealing sleeve against pain

Konosan - Hemp sealing sleeve against pain

Hemp sealing sleeve - Konosan has beneficial effect on osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteophytes, tendovaginite, disc hernia, neuritis, radiculitis and others.

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