Венотон - таблетки и крем
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Venoton - tablets and cream

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Venoton - tablets and cream strengthen the walls of veins, improve the nutrition of tissues, eliminate swelling and reduces the changes of the skin.

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Package Quantity: 30 tablets, 100 ml
Origin: Macedonia
Ingredients: view description
Shipping Weight: 0.200 kg (0.310 lbs)

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Product information

VENOTON - tablets + cream


Composition (tablets)

1 tablet contains: 100 mg Green tea, extract (Camelia sinensis extract), 80 mg Horse-chestnut, extract (Aesculum Hippocastanum), 50 mg Wallnut leaves, extract (Juglans regia folium extract), 25 mg Rosehip, extract (Rosa canina extract), 15 mg Ginko extract (Ginko biloba).


Disorders in peripheral blood circulation are very common problem. Today, varicose veins are listed as one of the “civilization’s diseases”.
According to the WHO data, each fifth person on planet suffers due to diseases located on veins in lower parts of human body. Varicoses and other related dysfunctions of vein circulation cause pain and tiredness in legs, swelling, esthetic defects and later can provoke formation of trophic ulcers and other complications. Preventing disorders in peripheral blood circulation is an actual task of prophylactic medicine.
Disturbances in vein bloodstream of legs can be triggered by following risk factors: congenital etiology, conditions associated with job occupation (prolonged standing or lifting heavy weights), fleet feet, several types of sport disciplines etc. Females are more susceptible to varicoses than males.
Worsening of condition in peripheral circulation is commonly related with painful walking and feeling of heaviness in legs, visible network of enlarged veins, swelling etc.
First aid measures to prevent disorders in blood circulation and varicoses include regular use of natural products for self-treatment, such as biologically active food supplements.

Venoton cream for veins is a combination of herbal extracts. Active compounds present in these herbal extracts alleviate or eliminate the discomfort triggered by blood circulation disturbances in veins in the legs. Veonoton cream strengthens vein's blood vessels and relieves the symtoms of tiredness and heavines in the legs, thus balancing the physioligcal functions of micro-circulation and diminishes the pain in legs.

With regular use of Veonoton cream, helath complaints associated with blood vessels ub the legs are relieved their general condition is improved and the walking is lightened.

Why you should use Veonoton - tablets + cream:

Strengthens the walls of vein vessels
Proactively firms up capillary's wall
Helps to decrease capillary permeability and to improve their elasticity
Normalizes lymphatic and local circulation
Improves rheological characteristics of blood
Provides better tissue nourishment
Supports the protein structure in connective tissue
Eliminates swellings and reduces trophic changes in skin.

Recommendation for use - Venoton tablets:

One tablet in first half of the day during meals.

It is recommended to take it continuously – 1 month.

Recommendation for use - Venoton cream:

The cream should be applied evenly, in a thin layer, at morning and evening on a clean skin, on affected zones with a light massage startink from lower parts towards upper unitil id completely absorbs.

It can be also used beneath occlusions, socks and compression stockings.


individual intolerance to any ingredient, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Prior to self-use, it is recommended to consult a physician first.

Packaging: Venoton - tablets - 30 tablets; Veonoton - cream - 100 ml

Merchant information:

Product offered by "Zdravnitza". If you have pharmacy, health store or other commercial establishment on the territory of Bulgaria and the European Union, you can contact us to provide you with pricelist and terms of partnership accord. More information find in "Wholesale".

"Zdravnitza" is a registered trademark owned by "New S Net" LTD, Sofia, Bulgaria. Our products are 100% guaranteed quality and possess all the necessary certificates.


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Venoton - tablets and cream

Venoton - tablets and cream

Venoton - tablets and cream strengthen the walls of veins, improve the nutrition of tissues, eliminate swelling and reduces the changes of the skin.

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