Anise - the leaves and seeds are widely used in folk medicine: in the treatment of bronchitis, colds, hoarseness, gastrointestinal colic, flatulence, kidney stones (destroys stones in the kidneys and bladder), high blood pressure, hiccups, irregular menstruation.

Anise facilitates expectoration in acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract, enhances gastric and gallbladder excretion and eliminates spasms in chronic gastritis, biliary dyskinesia and gallstone disease. It also has a soothing effect on colic in the stomach and intestines in flatulence.

Anise seeds seem to be the most popular folk remedy. They contain 20% protein, up to 30% carbohydrates, up to 30% fat and 2-6% essential oil, mucous substances, vitamins C and P and about 10% mineral salts. Their taste when chewed is sweet and has a pleasant aroma. The main ingredient in this essential oil is anethole. It is also found in other essential oils. Its characteristic aroma is part of the bouquet of popular drinks mastika, ouzo, aniseed brandy, arak.

The fresh leaves of the plant are used in salads, sauces and soups. Spices for meat, fish and fruit dishes are prepared from the fragrant and sharp-tasting roots, as well as from the fruits. The seeds are used in confectionery to sprinkle cakes, bread and other pastries, as well as to flavor herbal tea. It is traditional to use the plant for spices in the preparation of sterilized fresh cucumbers. Combine well with cloves, nutmeg, ginger. The long period of growth allows the plant to be used from early spring to late autumn.

It has been known since ancient times as a spice and remedy in traditional medicine. It was also used in ancient Egypt. The Bible mentions paying tithing with anise. The Romans made aniseed cakes, and the Roman legions spread it throughout Europe. In England in 1305, King Edward taxed it as medicine, which went to repair the London Bridge.

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