The day can start with a few anise seeds that are chewed in the mouth or simply take 1-2 drops of Anise oil of "Zdravnitza". Anise not only brings fresh breath, but also has an invigorating effect on the palate, thereby soothing the entire digestive tract. If you have a small problem with the bronchi, then anise oil will have a curative effect.

Aromatic anise (Pimpinella anisum) is known in Egypt and is often used for digestive problems. The plant from ancient times grew in both Greece and Asia Minor, and was often used by the Greeks and Romans. The ancient Romans e.g. they made anise tea against gas: crushed seeds were poured with boiling water, left to boil, strained and drunk.

It wasn't until the Middle Ages, when anise finally reached Central Europe, that the plant was almost officially added to the list of herbs that eased stomach cramps and aided digestion. It is included in the list of monks who developed monastic medicine, i.e. the art of healing in monasteries. They begin to grow it and use it in their practice. They also used it to reduce cramps, as well as to soothe the mucous membrane in inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Nowadays, the herb is also recommended as a stomach aid, especially after a series of large meals.

Both anise seed tea and anise oil work great for gas and bloating. The tea is prepared by pouring 1-2 tablespoons of crushed fruits with 400 ml boiling water. After cooling it is filtered. Take 60-120 g three times a day. If using anise oil - just add 5 drops to water or other liquid and drink.

The herb also has an expectorant effect, which is why anise oil is also widely used. It has an antispasmodic effect. Anise seeds enhance lactation in women in labor.

In the kitchen, the herb can be added in small quantities to cucumber, red cabbage, and carrot salads. It also goes well with baked apples.

Where to buy Anise products?

You can find Anise products, including dry herb, anise oil, etc in "Zdravnitza".

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