With cinnamon should be careful, because one can be taken as a spice, quite another as a remedy. Especially useful is the Ceylon cinnamon. It holds a general strengthening the immune system feature helps to lower blood sugar, stimulates appetite, promotes digestion.

Cinnamon is widely used in various conditions: arthritis, skin infections, gases, hearing loss and many others. The most widely used therapeutic combination is cinnamon powder and honey.

Таке 1 tablespoon honey with a pinch of cinnamon 3 times daily before meals. In cold take 1 tbsp honey and ¼ tsp cinnamon powder a day, take at least three days. Healing mixture is useful even for sinus and cough.

Take 2 daily (morning and evening) cup of warm water with 2 tablespoons honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder.

Take honey with cinnamon powder dissolved in water to release the gases.

Hearing Loss
Adoption of equal parts of honey and cinnamon powder daily morning and evening restores partial hearing.

Bladder infections
Dissolve 2 teaspoons cinnamon powder and 1 tsp honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it.

Bad breath
Make gargle immediately after waking up with 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder mixed in hot water.

Cinnamon powder sprinkled on two tablespoons honey taken before food, relieves acidity and helps the digestion of heavy meals.

Regular intake of 1/2 tablespoons honey dissolved in a glass of water and sprinkled with cinnamon powder the morning and afternoon, just seven days increases the vitality of the body.