Levels above 7.00 are too high. But it is good to remember that for a diabetic, whether on pills or injections, low blood sugar levels are more dangerous than high ones.

It is good to include more Ceylon cinnamon in the meal menu.

It is also advisable to regularly use Diabor, drops, Regulate Blood Sugar, 20 ml

Here are some useful advices:

1. Eat boiled wheat, with the wheat boiling for 1 hour. Chew slowly and well. Consume 50 grams of raw wheat per day.

2. Boil corn. The grain is eaten and the juice is drunk.

3. Make sunbathing.

4. Wash the feet with warm water every night.

5. No sugars, no fat. If you eat not to overeat, you will get off the table slightly hungry.

6. Use 100-150 g of bread per day.

7. Eat more vegetables: spinach, salad, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, etc. Do not eat beans. Acid berries are not recommended.

8. Use tarhana - a dish of Persian origin, like a stew. Tarhana engages with leaven, not yeast. The fermentation, which is maintained 4-5 days before drying, gives it a specific flavor and a slightly sour taste and makes it a good food for people with gastrointestinal diseases.

9. Reduce the consumption of vinegar. The use of lemons is allowed.

10. 10. Do not consume milk and dairy products: cheese, yellow cheese, etc. A small amount of fresh milk is allowed. Avoid salt and salty foods.

11. Make excursions to fresh air in the nature.