Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is an annual plant of the Legume family, known for the spice made from its seeds.

The stem is hollow and reaches a height of 30 to 60 cm. The fruits are pods 10–15 cm long and contain 10–20 seeds.

Fenugreek is well-known as a commonly used ingredient in the "patterned salt" seasoning mix used in Bulgaria and other Balkan countries.

It is grown in gardens as a spice and ornamental plant. It originates from Southeast Asia.

Therapeutic action:

Stimulates the metabolism, lowers the blood sugar level. Improves appetite. It restores the body's strength.

Bulgarian folk medicine recommends fenugreek for:
- Pellagra;
- Diabetes;
- Lung diseases;
- Slow-healing wounds;
- Skin diseases.

Fenugreek seeds, one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the world, were used by the ancient Egyptians. They prepared a tea with which they eased menstrual pain. However, the herb should be avoided during pregnancy because it stimulates the uterus.

In some areas, fenugreek is considered an aphrodisiac, and in India and Pakistan, it is looked upon primarily as an insect repellant.

In Arabic medicine, it is used both externally and internally. The herb is valued for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Fenugreek seeds increase the amount of milk in nursing mothers.

How to use fenugreek?

An infusion of fenugreek seeds is also taken against colds, coughs, tuberculosis, diabetes, avitaminosis, to stimulate the appetite. One tablespoon of the seeds is poured with 400 ml of hot water and soaked for 1 hour. Drink 1 glass of wine before meals, 4 times a day.

Externally, the infusion is used for the appearance of boils, eczema, cracked nipples of lactating women.

The aqueous extract of fenugreek fruit is a powerful insect repellent.

Powdered and sprinkled on furniture keeps fleas and bedbugs away.

Fenugreek seeds are also used as a seasoning for sudjus, sausages, kaiser meat, fish, meat dishes.

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