This water-soluble vitamin is particularly needed for the synthesis of collagen adrenaline and noradrenaline, important neurotransmitters. which perform several functions in the body.

Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant - it neutralizes dangerous free radicals produced by metabolism. It is an important ingredient of the semen.

Recommended daily dose in the EU: 60 mg per day.

Recommended daily dose in the USA: 60 mg per day.

Smokers need at least 100 mg of vitamin C daily to neutralize too many free radicals due to their harmful habit.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C:

- black currant
- Guava
- citrus fruits
- mango
- kiwi
- green peppers
- strawberries
- vegetables such as broccoli
- potatoes

On average, we receive 50% of our daily vitamin C dose from: vegetables (19% - from potatoes), 17% from fruit juices, 14% from fruits and nuts and others from other foods.