For the first time, sour milk was mentioned in the literature in the 8th century under its old Bulgarian name, yogurt. Genghis Khan used yogurt for food in the army and as a means of preserving meat. The milk was preserved in sheep's stomachs. Under the action of the microflora present in the milk, lactic acid fermentation took place, resulting in yogurt. After scooping it out, they filled the stomachs again with fresh milk, and the remaining sour milk served as yogurt starter.

In Western Europe, yogurt became famous thanks to the French king Francois I. The king suffered from severe and incurable diarrhea. He asked for help from his ally, the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. He sends him a doctor who manages to cure him with a diet of yogurt. As a sign of gratitude, the French king spread the word throughout Europe about the food that was able to cure him.

Who discovered the beneficial properties of Bulgarian sour milk (yogurt)?

The healing properties of Bulgarian yogurt have been known to mankind for centuries. Lactic acid fermentation has been used since ancient times to cure a number of diseases, but only in 1905. the scientific work of Stamen Grigorov managed to finally give an explanation of where the healing properties of the milk product come from.

In 1905, after long hours of observation, Stamen Grigorov isolated for the first time "one stick". This stick is the bacterium Lactobacillus delbureckii subsp. bulgaricus, which will later become clear to be an indispensable ingredient for the fermentation of Bulgarian sour milk.

This discovery provoked international reactions. Stamen Grigorov was awarded by the University of Geneva with a certificate and monetary reward. He also published his written work about his sensational discovery in the journal "Revue medical de la Suisse Romand". Then he called the bacterium "Bacillus A". Later, however, it will be renamed by a number of scientists, but not once in the full name will it be omitted to mention the name of the Bulgarian, as well as the country from which he originates.

How to make Bulgarian yogurt at home?

To make yogurt at home, no specific conditions and knowledge are required. We just have to follow the steps described below.

Step 1:
One of the most important conditions to make delicious Bulgarian sour milk at home is to get real quality milk. You can use any type of milk - cow, sheep, goat, buffalo.

Step 2:
Another important factor is the use of quality sourdough. For sourdough, you can use the top layer of unopened ready-made yogurt or the original Bulgarian starter "Bolgari". This starter contains Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, as well as unique strains with a probiotic effect. The special combination of bacteria in Bolgari helps you to make yogurt at home with a superior taste, aroma and consistency, which is also liked by children.

Step 3:
Fresh milk is heated until it boils and removed from the heat. Leave it in a closed container for 10-15 minutes, then remove the lid and let it cool down to a temperature of 45C. To measure the temperature of the milk, use a cooking thermometer. Avoid measuring the temperature with your hands, as this may contaminate the raw material.

Step 4:
Starter is added to the cooled fresh milk. If you use starter from other yogurt, add 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt to 1 liter of milk. When using ready-made starter - strictly follow the instructions on the package. Add the togurt starter by first mixing it with a little fresh milk, whip it and add the finished mixture to the remaining amount.

Step 5:
The milk with the already added starter is poured into jars and left in a warm place for 3-4 hours. This is the time it takes for the lactic acid fermentation to take place. The optimal temperature for storing the jars during these times is 43-5C.

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