Propolis is a mixture of resins, wax and pollen of plants enriched with enzymes and subjected to lactic-acidic fermentation in the digestive system of bees. Propolis contains vitamins, essential oils, mineral salts, microelements, hormones and ferments.

The color of the propolis is yellow, yellow-green, dark green or gray. It dissolves slightly in water, best dissolves in alcohol, ether, chloroform, acetone.

Collected from the plants and brought to the hive, propolis retains all its properties:
- antimicrobial and antiviral, anti-mold, anti-radiation;
- Potent antibiotic and antimycotic action;
- an analgesic and immunostimulatory action.

It is precisely these qualities of propolis that are used by people to treat and prevent many diseases. Propolis is a very good natural healing product because it fully complies with the principle of medicines - above all not harm.

Why use propolis products?

Kills bacteria and microbes
Propolis products and, most of all, propolis tincture are traditionally used in cold and flu. Because of its antiviral effect, propolis "kill" the flu for literally for hours.

According to a scientific study, propolis has a significantly more powerful effect than calcium hydroxide, which is considered to be effective against bacteria and microbes.

Helps in joint pain
Propolis as well as Propolis Tincture contain many powerful ingredients that act beneficial in osteolytic bone diseases. Chemical compounds in propolis suppress the inflammatory processes in the body that cause bone disease. If you suffer from a loss of bone density or have a similar history in your family, the consumption of propolis is mandatory.

Heal wounds
Propolis accelerates the healing of wounds, especially severe decubital wounds after surgical treatment. Rapid cleansing occurs with decreased exudation, formation of mature connective tissue at the site of necrotizing tissue.

Recipe for home-made propolis tincture:

Propolis is used in the form of 30% distillate. Place 30 g propolis (finely chopped) in 100 ml of 70° alcohol. Shake the resulting fluid 4-5 times a day for 5-6 days. Pure (without sludge) is filtered through several layers of gauze.

This alcohol extract is a durable product and can be used in adults with 25-30 drops in a little water. Children use 10-15 drops dissolved in water or milk 1-2 times a day.

Can also be used for gargle at sore throat. Gargle can also be done for prophylactic purposes to prevent viral and bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract.

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