Pumpkin is a very tasty and useful vegetable that contains a lot of carotene and vitamins. The soft part contains large amounts of vitamin D that boosts vital activity and accelerates cell growth.

Pumpkin cellulose is easily digested even by the weakened organism, so pumpkin dishes are recommended for curative and prophylactic nutrition.

Since the vegetable contains copper and iron salts and phosphorus that positively affect the blood content, the use of pumpkin is recommended as a prophylaxis of malignancy and atherosclerosis.

Pumpkin is also beneficial in liver and kidney diseases. It perfectly regulates digestion and thanks to its high content of pectin it helps to remove bad cholesterol from the body.

The pumpkin contains apple acid. It contains enough sugar: glucose, fructose, sucrose, it also contains mineral compounds and large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, fluorine, zinc. Carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C and B vitamins have a good effect on bowel function. It is also a good diuretic.

Pumpkin dishes are included in the menu of hepatitis and cholecystitis patients, as well as people with chronic colitis and enterocolitis in acute stage, with cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis), acute and chronic nephritis and pyelonephritis.

Pumpkin is also recommended for pregnant women as a remedy against vomiting. For the same reason, it is also used against "sickness".

For kidney treatment, freshly squeezed raw pumpkin juice (half a cup at 24 hours) is used. Pumpkin juice also has a soothing effect and improves sleep.

The soft part of the fruit can be used for compresses in eczema, burns or rashes.

If you want to bring extra fluid out of your body, you can use pumpkin as a diet for heart and kidney edema. In such cases, for 3-4 months, take a raw pumpkin of 0.5 kg and 1.5 kg of boiled or roasted pumpkin per day.

Pumpkin seeds are used in folk medicine against worms and spasms that make it difficult to urinate.

In India, the pumpkin is also used to treat tuberculosis. It has been shown that the 1:10 000 aqueous extract prevents the tuberculosis bacteria from propagating.