Eating starts from the mouth! This rule is very often forgotten today. We are used to living in a hurry and one of the things we save is the time for a leisurely meal. Eating food quickly without chewing well is a regular mistake.

In order not to have health problems with the stomach, it is even believed that one bite needs to be chewed 32 times as many teeth as a person has, in order to be digested very quickly further down the chain. The goal is for the body to process the ingested food with less energy and to preserve it so that a person feels e.g. more energetic. Maybe 32 times for each bite is a lot, but in any case, well-digested food in the mouth is a guarantee of a healthier stomach and more health in general.

The combination of 2 herbs: mint and yarrow can help us both for healthy teeth and a healthy digestive system.

Whoever looks for the cause of tooth decay in his mouth will find that he has poor digestion. Therefore, white yarrow with its useful bitter substances and flavonoids, and mint with its tannins and essential substances strengthen the stomach and intestines. The tea of the 2 herbs is also very useful for the heart.


Mix equal amounts of dried mint and yarrow. Place teaspoons of the prepared mixture in 250 ml of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes, then strain. If you have indigestion, drink 1 tsp of this tea in the morning and in the evening.

For healthy teeth, it is better to drink tea that is not sweetened.

Where to buy the herbs?

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