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Crispy Apple Circles - 40 g

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One pack Crispy Apple Circles is equal to 300 g fresh fruit. Suitable for direct consumption and for use in snacks, sweets, etc.

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Packing: 40 g
Origin: Germany
Package Quantity: 100% apples, dehydrated
Shipping Weight: 0.050 kg

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100% natural apples - Dehydrated

1 kg crispy apple circles = 7.5 kg fresh fruit

1 package crispy apple circless (40 g) = 300 g fresh fruit.

Suitable for direct consumption, morning or afternoon snack in grain dishes or fruit salads to improve chocolates, desserts, topping, for decoration and garnishing dishes.

Manufactured by new technology / PAX - under vacuum expansion /. This improved drying process not only retains the aroma and taste in an extraordinary way, but also nutritionally significant ingredients to 80% of raw fruits and vegetables.


100% apples, dehydrated.

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Calories (kJ / Kal) 1614/382
Fat - 1.4 g
- Saturated fatty acids - 0.5 g
Carbohydrates - 83.5 g
- Natural sugars - 67.5 g
Protein - 2.2 g
Salt (natural sodium content in fruit) - 0.018 g

Suggested Use:

For direct consumption, breakfast, topping for desserts and ice cream, decorate cakes and pastries in teas or even improve sauces.

What is dehydration?

Dehydration extract water from the food by low temperatures, thereby contributes to its preservation. The device, called drier removes moisture using a heat source and airflow. This water content is usually too great - to 80-95% for different fruits and vegetables and 50-75% for flesh. By reducing the water content in the food we prevents the spread of bacteria that are the main culprits for its cancellation.

Dehydration is the oldest method of preserving food, as people initially used the sun and the fire for this purpose. Archaeologists have discovered a food that is believed to be dehydrated 4,000 years ago.

Packing: 40 g

Merchant information:

Product offered by "Zdravnitza". If you have pharmacy, health store or other commercial establishment on the territory of Bulgaria and the European Union, you can contact us to provide you with pricelist and terms of partnership accord. More information find in "Wholesale".

"Zdravnitza" is a registered trademark owned by "New S Net" LTD, Sofia, Bulgaria. Our products are 100% guaranteed quality and possess all the necessary certificates.


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Crispy Apple Circles - 40 g

Crispy Apple Circles - 40 g

One pack Crispy Apple Circles is equal to 300 g fresh fruit. Suitable for direct consumption and for use in snacks, sweets, etc.

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