It is widely believed that salt is harmful and burdens the heart and kidneys. Traditional medicine, for example, recommends a salt-free diet for heart and kidney failure, liver disease.

But then why did the ancient Greeks suck small pieces of sea salt after eating?

Doctors believe that the human body can get the necessary amount of salt only from fruits, vegetables and bread. At the same time, in case of hypertension, they recommend taking 1 teaspoon of sea salad (kelp) after a meal. One liter of milk contains 4 g of sodium chloride. Potatoes contain almost the same amount. It is believed that healthy kidneys should excrete 25 g of salt per day

With food, we absorb 12-15 g of table salt (sodium chloride) per day. Academician B.V. Bolotov recommends placing 1 g of salt on the tongue one hour after each meal and after a few seconds to swallow the saliva. He also advises lightly salting vegetables, fruit, cottage cheese, and cow's butter—but in such a case we should not add oil, as it causes the release of bile. Bile slows down the conversion of slags (waste products) into soluble salts. which are excreted from the body with urine and feces. Certain herbs, which act as solvents, help to remove salts from the body. So, for example, for alkaline salts, tea made from pacha grass, watermelon rinds, sunflower roots is suitable; to dissolve the mineral salts that are deposited on the blood vessels, kidney basins, gall bladder and bladder, you can use the juice of black turnip, horseradish, chicory, fennel, parsley roots.

The formation of salts in the body also increases with pyloric insufficiency. In this case, the stomach ferments come into contact with the duodenal ferments, and this leads to gastritis or inflammation of the intestines.

Salt as a healing agent

Academician B.V. Bolotov claims that sea water is extremely beneficial for the skin. He also recommends rubbing a mixture of fish oil and fish scale meal into the body an hour before bathing - this is an effective way to get rid of dermatosis (skin rashes). Salted lard is also suitable for this purpose.

After a sauna, it is useful to smear the body with honey to which a little salt has been added - this way the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Sodium chloride inhalations protect the lungs from allergies. The kidneys and adrenal gland need salt to produce hormones. In the past, Chinese scientists used the salt in the treatment of diseased kidneys. Since ancient times, this very useful mineral has been a symbol of friendship, eternity and wisdom.

Sodium chloride plays a very important role in the metabolic process.

D. Jarvis defines potassium as the most important for the construction of cells, and B. V. Bolotov claims that salt is the main solvent of old unnecessary cells - they must be promptly removed from the body so that the channels do not become clogged. If a person does not get the necessary amount of salt, the electrolyte balance is disturbed.

D. Jarvis in his book "Honey and other natural products" writes: "Potassium, which is part of the cells, attracts the liquid in the cell. Sodium draws the liquid into the intercellular space. The main sources of potassium are red pepper (with which you can sprinkle on all salads), honey, fresh fruits and vegetables. The best source of sodium is common table salt. Being healthy means having a balance between sodium and potassium in the body. A lack of salt leads to disorders in the digestive, nervous and excretory systems."

Salt has been used as medicine since ancient times and our aim is to present you some simple and effective recipes:

Recipe 1
In case of diarrhea, prepare a saturated solution of table salt and drink 1 tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach, after which no liquids or food are taken for 24 hours. At the same time, the heated salt can also be used as a heating pad - it is placed on the abdomen.

Recipe 2
Constipation is treated with salted water: a pinch of salt per glass of cold water, drunk on an empty stomach (milk can be used instead of water). You can also dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of milk. It is drunk every two hours until the result appears (elimination of constipation).

Recipe 3
Salted water also helps with a strong runny nose - gargle; and in case of allergy it is used for washing the nose.

Recipe 4
Your teeth will stay healthy and white longer if you brush them every morning with a mixture of salt and ash. This procedure also strengthens the gums.

Recipe 5
For the treatment of hair loss and dry eczema: wash the head, rub salt, rinse after 15-20 minutes. It's done every day.

Recipe 6
For joint pain, a mixture of salt and honey (or vodka) is used - the painful places are massaged.

Recipe 7
Against dysentery, it is useful to take sitting hot baths: 100 g of salt is poured into 5 liters of water.

Recipe 8
Scrofulous children should bathe in salt water at least 2-3 times a week. In children suffering from hives, it is good to make a salt bath first, then - rubs with menthol oil or tomato slices.

Recipe 9
Compresses with salt and vinegar are suitable for bruises, sprains, and also for headaches.

Recipe 10
After eating, you can rinse the oral cavity with a solution of salt and soda in a ratio of 1:1.

Recipe 11
With hypertrophy of the third tonsil, gargle with salted water and drink fish oil. With bronchitis, inhalations with saline solution have an extremely beneficial effect.

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