For adults, honey is highly recommended, as is milk for children. Honey is a very healthy food because it gives the body the right firmness and stability. However, if eaten in large quantities at once or for a long time, it can harm the body. A healthy person feels how much honey he should eat.

Couples who are about to produce offspring should consume prophylactic honey. Honey affects the reproductive functions and also helps to create healthy bones of the child. Honey should be consumed by both parents, but mainly by the mother.

Honey Water

Honey water has been used as a remedy since ancient times. It removes deposits on the stomach and intestines, refreshes the head by nourishing the brain, is useful for jaundice.

For good health it is recommended to drink a little honey mixed with water in the morning on an empty stomach. Galen also said that there is nothing more useful than honey for the body, increases appetite, removes gas in the intestines, cleanses the chest and pleura. Is it also used to strengthen the bladder and kidneys, if you have difficulty urinating.

Drinking honey water supplies the body not only with water but also with minerals, quenches thirst. It was also prescribed for inflammation of the tonsils, for wounds in the throat, palate, mouth, tongue, strengthens the gums and makes the teeth white (if the teeth are smeared 3-4 times a month).

Herbal (polyfloral) honey with more herbs in it can be more bitter, then it is good for the stomach and liver.

Homemade recipe for Honey Water

Version 1:
Take a jar of quality honey and add water (1/3, 1/4 of the volume). Put on low heat. While boiling, the foam is constantly removed until it stops appearing. If you do not add water to honey, it will burn, become bitter, and foam will not separate. So, water is a must!

Version 2:
Use boiled water. Allow it to cool to 40 C, take 250 ml and dissolve in it 1 tbsp honey. Take 1 cup in the morning (on an empty stomach) and in the evening, strengthens the heart muscle and coronary vessels. This recipe is suitable not only for working people, but also for the elderly.

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