The medicinal properties of rosehips have been known to man for centuries. Scurvy, diseases of the stomach, kidneys, and eyes were treated with them.

Rosehips contains a large amount of vitamins. They are a natural vitamin concentrate, a strong vitamin pill whose effect is enhanced by the carbohydrates, organic acids, and mineral salts contained in them. This increases the tone and strengthens the body's defenses, improving the metabolism.

They are recommended as an additional remedy for inflamed kidneys, insomnia, hepatitis, diarrhea, bleeding gums, uterine bleeding, and liver diseases. Rose hips also help with diabetes and heart disease.

The rosehip fruit is used fresh or dried. The well-dried fruit should be broken into husks and freed from the seeds. It is also justified to consume rose hips in an unprocessed state because a large part of the biologically active substances is lost during heat treatment.

It is said that all diseases flee from the rosehip, and for this reason it is a favored place and remedy. When measuring a person's height with a rosehip stick, it becomes his substitute, for which diseases are transmitted and he recovers. According to other practices, if the sick person goes through the rose bush several times, he will throw the disease there.

The ash from rose hips obtained by drying and burning them is used externally as an ointment for psoriasis.

The decoction of the fruit, as well as its marmalade, are recommended prophylactically against the formation of kidney and gallstones.

Classic Rosehip Tea:
1 tablespoon of fruit is soaked in 250 ml of water. It can be drunk instead of water or sweetened with honey.

Rosehip wine is also very useful:
Pour 500 g of dry rosehips into 4-5 liters of water, and add 500 g of sugar while stirring. For faster fermentation (if desired) a piece of baker's yeast can be added. The wine is kept warm for 10-15 days, after which it is consumed instead of water.

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