The diabetic, as "conditionally healthy", must provide conditions for spending his vacation - alone or with his family so that he can rest well and enjoy a reasonable holiday.

Necessary conditions for spending the holiday with diabetes:

- To provide a sufficient amount of medication (insulin, tablets, diabor and other medicinal and non-medicinal products that he regularly takes), as well as consumables to maintain regular control of glucose in the blood and urine;

- Care for the proper storage of insulin - protection against freezing or overheating. It is necessary to take into account the type of travel (plane, train, water, car), and medications should be distributed in two bags, especially when traveling by plane;

- It is mandatory to stock up against on hypoglycemia with 15 grams of sugar and food for breakfast if needed;

- When resting at sea, prolonged exposure to the sun and staying on the beach in the hot hours of the day is not recommended. The hat is an absolute must to prevent overheating and sunstroke. Intake of more fluids is necessary due to it increased loss.;

- Solar heat improves the absorption of insulin into the tissues, which changes its action and there is a risk of hypoglycemia;

- When vacationing in the mountains it is necessary to provide warm clothes (jacket, spare warm wool socks, gloves) and comfortable shoes;

- Particular care should be taken to avoid frostbite of the legs and arms;

- In case of increased physical activity, reduce the insulin dose by 2-4 E or increase the intake of carbohydrate foods!

We must not forget to take the diabetic passport and put it next to the ID card, this is an inalienable obligation of the diabetic!

The benefit of spending a vacation in nature is indisputable, because it takes the diabetic away from everyday life and gives him peace, relaxation and improves his self-esteem.

Use the holidays to spend in nature!