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How to make Bulgarian yogurt at home?

The healing properties of Bulgarian yogurt have been known to mankind for centuries. To make yogurt at home, no specific conditions and knowledge are required. We just have to follow a few steps.

Cinnamon - one of the oldest spices in the world

Cinnamon, and more precisely cinnamon bark, is considered one of the oldest spices in the world. Under the name "kwai" it was noted in the medicinal book of the Chinese emperor Shen-nung as early as 2500 BC.

Folk recipes against kidney problems

The kidneys regulate our blood pressure level and are involved in the production of vitamin D. Their main function is to remove toxic waste from the body and keep all the valuable compounds and proteins in the blood.

Basil - the Roman herb against melancholy and depression

Even the Hindus knew the smelly basil and valued it highly. The Romans did not like it very much because they used it to treat melancholy and depression. Other peoples thought that whoever used basil became beautiful and attractive.