"Open Sesame". These well-known, magical words heard by Ali Baba in the popular fairy tale "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" open the door and lead to the cave full of treasures. They probably have something to do with the way a ripe sesame pod bursts open and disperses its seeds.

The sesame plant is native to West Africa in the wild, but has been cultivated in India, where sesame seeds are a symbol of immortality in Hinduism and sesame oil has a key role in the ancient system of healthy living and natural healing, Ayurveda.

Even the father of medicine - Hippocrates called it "the best of all fats", and Ayurveda recommends it for daily self-massage of the whole body for purification and vitality. Well-known healers advise in the evening, immediately before going to sleep, to smear the feet with sesame oil for a peaceful and sound sleep, and also to do a self-massage of the gums with a sip of sesame oil, which must then be spit out!

Heath Benefits:

Sesame seeds contain so much fat that they feel greasy just by rubbing them between your fingers. Between 40 percent and 60 percent of the seed's content is heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats. They are of the same type as those contained in olive oil.

Sesame seeds are also rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that strengthens the heart. It also contains phytosterols – plant compounds that block the absorption of dietary cholesterol. The heart-healthy phytoestregons have also been found in sesame. So it's no surprise that this little seed can play such a big role in the health of the circulatory system and possibly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Sesame oil is recommended for people with high blood pressure, who are advised to use it every day in their diet, and it also lowers high cholesterol levels in menopausal women. It should also be present on the table of people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's, as well as in patients with Huntington's disease.

It has also been used for wound healing since ancient times.

Sesame seeds have been known since ancient times, in Egyptian tombs you can see images of people kneading bread and sprinkling it with ...sesame seeds. To this day, it is used to sprinkle baguettes, breads and biscuits. Most of the world's production, however, is not used as a spice, but to extract sesame oil.

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