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"Bee kit" - Healthy package

Healthy package "Bee kit" includes: bulgarian natural bee honey, bee pollen, propolis - stick and propolis tincture.

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Package Quantity: 4 bee products
Origin: Bulgaria
Ingredients: Natural honey, bee pollen, propolis - stick, propolis tincture
Shipping Weight: 1.300 kg

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Healthy package "Bee Kit" includes: Bulgarian Natural Bee Honey - 700 g, Bee pollen, Zdravnitza - 100 g, Bee glue (propolis) - stick, Propolis tincture, Zdravnitza - 30 ml.

Bulgarian Honey, Natural, Fruit

Fruit honey is collected in the spring from the nectar of blooming fruit plantations. While there are fresh yellow-red color and, once crystallized color is light yellow. It is sweet, and food is one of the most pleasant taste. It contains significantly higher amount of fructose.

Natural Fruit Honey is recommended for: diseases of the urinary system. There are nutritional, prophylactic and therapeutic application. Favorable effect on the liver, digestive and cardiovascular system.

Propolis - stick

Bee pollen is a substance used mainly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. This is no coincidence, since its composition is extremely rich and includes 35% carbohydrates; 20% protein; essential amino acids; enzymes; all B vitamins; beta carotene; Vitamin C by anti-oxidant effect; Vitamin D having enormous significance for calcium metabolism of the body and for the construction of chitin in bees and bone disorders in humans; Vitamin E relevance to the potency of organisms. Pollen also contains trace elements, growth hormone and other biologically active substances whose composition is unknown to this day.

Bee pollen has a healing effect. Taking it helps to build bone. Contained therein vitamin E positively influences potency. Routine strengthens blood cells, reduces bleeding, acts strengthening the heart, normalizes high blood pressure by affecting blood flow. Pollen is rich in lecithin, which normalizes lipid metabolism and thus help normalize weight. Pollen is very rich in selenium, which acts prophylactically in some cancers, helps the organism in its release of heavy metals.

Bee glue

Propolis (bee glue) contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. It has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. In the past, propolis is applied internally to combat bacteria, fungi, parasites and viral infections, including tuberculosis, candidiasis, malaria and colds.

Propolis is often used to treat various diseases of the mucous membranes, including gastro-intestinal ulcers and colitis. Suitable for outdoor use in ulcers. The strong tissue-regenerating effect of propolis is probably due to its bioactive components, including flavonoids, phenols, terpenes, benzoic acid, amino acids and vitamins.

Propolis tincture

Propolis tincture can usually safely be taken as a daily supplement by those without allergies. It contains proteins, vitamins, and flavanoids, a type of metabolite produced by plants that often have strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants have the ability to decrease the number of free radicals in the body that could potentially turn into disease or cancer. The daily intake of antioxidants may therefore lower the risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Others who believe in the supplement’s powers take propolis specifically when they feel a viral illness, such as a cough or flu, coming on. A few drops of the tincture — typically only a fraction of a teaspoon — can be dissolved into water or juice for drinking or deposited on a piece of bread to be eaten. It is believed that the sudden increase of this supplement within the body will fight off such illnesses before they become severe. Diarrhea may also be thwarted through the intake of propolis products, as it could reduce the fluid build-up in the intestines that causes this ailment.


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"Bee kit" - Healthy package

"Bee kit" - Healthy package

Healthy package "Bee kit" includes: bulgarian natural bee honey, bee pollen, propolis - stick and propolis tincture.

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