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"Strong stomach" - Healthy package

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Healthy package "Strong Stomach" includes: Apple pectin, Sesame Tahini - Zdravnitza, Psyllium Husks, Pro-Gastin drops.

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Package Quantity: 4 products for strong stomach
Ingredients: Pectin, Tahini, Psyllium Husks, Pro-Gastin drops
Shipping Weight: 0.750 kg

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Healthy package "Strong Stomach" includes: Apple pectin, Sesame Tahini - Zdravnitza, Psyllium, naturally soluble fibers - Zdravnitza, Pro-Gastin drops

Apple Pectin

Pectin improves the function of the colon. Fermentation of pectin increases microbial cell mass in Unrefined fecal residues, which increases their degradation. The ability of pectin to bind water leads to dilution of the contents in the colon, resulting in the possibility of reducing the harmful effects of its ingredients.

The viscosity properties of the pectin have to slow down the process of digestion and gastric emptying. This leads to an increase in satiety and may reduce food intake.

Sesame Tahini - Zdravnitza

Tahini is recognized by folk medicine as an elixir for the gastrointestinal tract. Taken morning fasting 2-3 tablespoons is an excellent tool for prevention of ulcer and gastritis.

Due to its high content of calcium, Tahini is recommended to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Especially suitable for consumption by children - to strengthen the body as well as for elderly women - against osteoporosis.

Excellent breakfast for people of all ages. It is being mixed with equal parts honey, preferably in the morning.

Tahini complements the energy of the kidneys, which can affect the quality of the bone tissue, also the formation of blood (anemia), increases the quantity and quality of sperm (male infertility), affects the quality of hair, its growth also affect hearing.

Tahini increased life expectancy!

Psyllium, naturally soluble fibers - Zdravnitza

Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds. It sometimes goes by the name ispaghula.

It’s most commonly known as a laxative. However, research shows that taking psyllium is beneficial to many parts of the human body, including the heart and the pancreas.

Psyllium is a natural remedy for constipation and bowel problems. When consumed, it passes through the intestines by clearing them and facilitating their passage. Psillium does not cause stomach glands, while improving digestion. Consumption of a psyllium is particularly useful for people suffering from Crohn's syndrome.

Pro-Gastin drops

Pro-Gastin drops are composed of a combination of propolis, essential oil of anise, Extracts of chamomile and thyme.

Along with its many beneficial properties propolis has favorably affects normal physiological function of the organs of digestion, but also supports the immune system.

The essential oil of anise, which is contained in the Pro-Gastin drops aids digestion and reduces bloating of the stomach.

Chamomile extract helps to eliminate discomfort caused by overeating and similar complaints related organs in the body, litter associated with digestion.

Pro-Gastin drops are a natural product that is recommended as an aid or samostoyatelstvo means of improving digestion, maintaining normal physiological function of the bowel.


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"Strong stomach" - Healthy package

"Strong stomach" - Healthy package

Healthy package "Strong Stomach" includes: Apple pectin, Sesame Tahini - Zdravnitza, Psyllium Husks, Pro-Gastin drops.

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