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Biostil-1 (for gynecological disorders)

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Biostim-1 is Bulgarian, herbal tincture to regulate neuro-vegetative and gynecological disorders.

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Package Quantity: 100 ml
Origin: Bulgaria
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Extract from medicinal plants "Biostil -1" contains a wide range of biologically active veshtestva including: glycosides (taraksatsin and taraksatserin), inulin, catechin tannins and ellagic galotannins, flavonoid quercetin, essential oils, ahilein, coumarins, triterpene acids, resins , valepotriati, phytohormones and others. Melissa and valerian soothe the central nervous system function and regulating some autonomic disturbances, characteristic especially for women in transitional age. Tweeter, Lady's Mantle and Rose act regulating hormone (estrogen and progesterone), regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce some of the complaints of menopause, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-itching for infections of the female genital organs. Dandelion, Yarrow and whip regulate hepatic metabolism, incl. synthesis and degradation of hormones and exercise direct anti-inflammatory and astringent action in various gynecological disorders. The integrated product is very suitable not only for a broad spectrum of symptoms in women, but in both sexes - for general stabilization of the neuro-hormonal regulation and to facilitate the disposal of various toxins from the body.


It is recommended that "Biostil 1" at:
• Vegetative neuroses with vascular spasms irritability, insomnia, etc. .;
• Spasms of bile and digestive tract;
• Painful and irregular menses, inflammatory gynecological diseases, hormonal and neuro-vegetative disorders in menopause;
• Preventive (detoxifying) for life in an environment with many chemical and other hazards;
• External with diluted tincture may Rinse your diseases of the gums and oral mucosa.

The product is formulated based on the adapted Eastern recipes, according to modern phyto therapeutic knowledge. Can be combined with "Relaxin '" Orexiphyte "manufactured by the same company or other appropriate phyto.


For persons over 14 years - 1-2 teaspoons a day - once in the evening or morning and night with lukewarm water or herbal tea (eg. №2, 5 produced by the same company, or other as appropriate).

This product is fully labeled in Bulgarian 

Packing: 100 ml.


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Biostil-1 (for gynecological disorders)

Biostil-1 (for gynecological disorders)

Biostim-1 is Bulgarian, herbal tincture to regulate neuro-vegetative and gynecological disorders.

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