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Flexy - for healthy bones and joints, 250 g

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Flexy helps to seal the bone mass has a positive effect on collagen structure of ligaments.

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Product code: 46647749
Package Quantity: 250 g
Origin: Germany
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Shipping Weight: 0.280 kg
Suitable for: Adults

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Product information

Flexy is a dietary supplement that may assist in the storage, and the rebuilding of collagen and prevents partial wear and tear of the flexible links in the human body. Flexy is produced through a unique enzymatic hydrolysis process, which resulted in a product with very low molelulno weight. Finished powder form is extremely stable agglomerated powder by drying. The base of Flexy hydrolyzed collagen protein which is composed of 19 different amino acids linked by peptide bonds into shorter molecular chains of triple helical structure. Because of the very low molecular weight, dosage amounts Flexy can be absorbed in the digestive tract without problem. Flexy is one of the most modern tested nutritional supplements available on the market and is proving to be completely harmless.

What are the advantages of Flexy?

- Helps to seal the bone mass
- Have a positive impact on collagen structure of ligaments
- Easily digested by the body
- Helps maintain healthy joints, cartilage and tendons
- Nourishes skin, hair, nails and teeth
- Approved as healthy food
- Improves joint mobility
- Helps rebuild worn cartilage
- In injuries of the joints
- For people doing hard physical work
- For people who are actively engaged in sports.


Protein 87%, Mineral Salts 3%, Moisture 10%.

Protein content in the dry substance: 97%.

Amino acid composition of gelatin hydrolyzate per 100 g:
Alanine: 8.9
Arginine: 9.1
Aspartic acid: 5.9
Glutamic acid: 11.4
Glycine: 17.5
Histidine: 0.8
Hydroxylysine: 1.0
Hydroxyproline: 12.9
Isoleucine: 1.3
Leucine: 3.1
Lysine: 4.2
Methionine: 0.9
Phenylalanine: 2.2
Prolin: 13.4
Serine: 3.2
Threonine: 1.6
Tyrosine: 0.2
Valin: 2.4

How is the Flexy?

Use Flexy once daily. The daily dose is 10 gr
Mix Flexy with fruit or milk drink. Stir until dissolved. Flexy dissolves easily and has no taste or smell.

Packing: 250 g


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Flexy - for healthy bones and joints, 250 g

Flexy - for healthy bones and joints, 250 g

Flexy helps to seal the bone mass has a positive effect on collagen structure of ligaments.

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