Preparations from the flowers or fruits of elderberry (Sambucus nigra) have laxative and diuretic properties and are therefore highly recommended in weight loss diets.

Application and action:

Diseases of the respiratory system, flu, cold, bronchitis - drink 2 cups of elderberry flowers infusion. It has cleansing and antibacterial properties, helps to liquefy bronchial secretions.

Constipation - an infusion of elderberry flowers is used, and in case of obesity - elderberry tincture is a wonderful aid for weight problems. Drink 30-40 drops a day, dissolved in a little water.

In case of problems with breastfeeding - the intake of elderberry tincture increases the production of breast milk in women in labor.

It is also recommended for rheumatism and gout, and also for fungal infections. If taken in larger doses, elderberries can cause side effects - from stomach pain to vomiting and difficulty breathing.

When is it harvested?

flowers - May, June, fruits - August, September.


2 teaspoons of dry elderberry flowers or fruits are infused with a glass of water. Leave for ten minutes, strain and drink the mixture sweetened with honey, sweet stevia or maple syrup.

a handful of dried elderberry flowers are placed in an 800 g jar, in which alcohol is added. The mixture stands for two weeks, after which it is filtered and transferred to smaller bottles.

the dried elderberries are crushed using a grinder until a fine powder is obtained. Take 2-3 spoons a day to supply vitamins in the body.

Elderberry herbal drink
A few handfuls of fresh elderberry flowers are placed in a 10 liter jar. Add 5-6 liters of water and a little lemon, cut into slices together with the peels. Finally, sugar is added. The liquid is allowed to stand for four days, stirring occasionally. Pour into bottles and store in the refrigerator. It helps with constipation as well as water retention.

Where to buy elderberry products?

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