Inflammation is a signal that you are a victim of an infection - viral or bacterial, especially during the flu; that you have irritated the sensitive mucous membrane of the mouth with something - excessively spicy, hot, or very cold drinks and foods; you consumed contaminated products - unwashed fruits and vegetables, or you used contaminated dishes and utensils; you have a problem with your teeth and gums; you were in an environment with harmful substances above the norm - chemicals, dust, smoke; you shouted, sang, spoke loudly at a match or other sporting event.

Inflammation may be the first symptom of some childhood diseases such as chicken pox, scarlet fever, and measles; however, it can be the first signal of herpes simplex (the cause of genital herpes, especially dangerous for a baby infected by the mother during childbirth), acute joint rheumatism, mononucleosis, nephritis.

What are the symptoms of a sore throat?

- burning and scratching in the throat;
- feeling of dryness that causes coughing;
- difficulty swallowing warm liquids; burning and stinging pain, which is relieved by drinking cool liquids;
- sharp pain when swallowing, which extends to the neck and ears;
- possible rise in temperature with sweating.

What quick measures can you take at home?

Propolis protects the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat from infections - use ready-made tablets, sprays, extracts with bee glue, or other remedies for a sore throat available in the pharmacy. If your toothbrush is old, there is a lot of bacteria there. Buy a new one, if it is impossible for you at the moment, soak the old one in 3% oxygen water, and rinse thoroughly with water before use.

Avoid dry and spicy - salty, sour food, hot drinks; chew a clove of garlic slowly - kills germs.

Drink slowly liquid or soluble vitamin C and also freshly squeezed lemon juice with a little honey; humidify the air if it is very dry; do not smoke or allow smoking around you.

If you have a sore throat - folk recipes

1. Gargle with salt water, thyme decoction, or chamomile flower.

2. Warming compress
Wrap her neck first with a towel, wet and squeezed with cold water, and then with a second dry towel (it should be made of linen). Tie a scarf on top. You stay like this for 15-20 minutes and replace the cold towel with a warm one. You stand for 30 minutes.

3. Take peppermint candies or lozenges to disinfect the throat, they relieve the pain. Against angina, make a compress.

4. With cottage cheese
Spread cold curd on a piece of woolen cloth and tie the neck on top. If possible, sleep with the compress.

5. With black pepper and rakia
Wet a piece of woolen cloth with rakia, crush a packet of black pepper, and sprinkle it on the wet piece of cloth. Tie around the neck and stand like this for about 2 hours.