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Lavender oil, natural, Zdravnitza, 50 ml
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Lavender oil, nervous system support, Zdravnitza, 50 ml

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Pure lavender oil obtained by maceration. Suitable for internal and external use. Supports nervous system performance under stress.

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Product code: 22423951
EAN Code: 3800232542340
Package Quantity: 50 ml
Origin: Germany
Ingredients: Lavender oil
Shipping Weight: 0.100 kg
Suitable for: Adults, Vegetarians, Vegans

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Product information

- 100% natural product
- Pure lavender oil obtained by maceration
- Supports nervous system performance under stress
- Vegan product

Lavender oil has a high concentration of beneficial substances. Oil is available for oral use as opposed to oregano essential oil, which is more concentrated and used in aromatherapy.

The benefits of lavender oil have been discovered more than 2,500 years ago. Due to its powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, soothing and antidepressant properties, the benefits of lavender oil abound for both therapeutic and cosmetic use.

Egyptians used lavender for mummification and perfume. When the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1923 there is a slight lavender scent that has been preserved over 3000 years.

Romans used lavender oil for bathing, cooking and purifying the air.

In the Bible, lavender oil is the spread of aromas that are used for anointing and healing.

Today the benefits of lavender oil include:
- Reduce anxiety and emotional stress;
- Prevention of diabetes;
- Improving brain function;
- Helping to heal wounds and burns;
- Relieving pain;
- Relieve headaches;
- Improving sleep;
- Restoring the skin after acne

Useful properties of lavender oil

1. Antioxidant protection
Free radicals, toxins, chemicals and pollutants are the most dangerous and common factor in the emergence of a number of diseases. Free radicals are responsible for the breakdowns in the immune system and damage our body.

Fortunately, there is lavender oil. This oil is a natural antioxidant that prevents the appearance and stops the symptoms of a number of diseases. Lavender oil increases the activity of some of the most powerful antioxidants - glutathione and catalase. This enhanced activity helps prevent and stop oxidative stress.

2. Fighting diabetes
Internal intake of lavender oil prevents blood sugar growth, prevents metabolic disorders, helps to normalize weight. Direct intake of lavender oil also prevents antioxidant depletion in the liver and kidneys.

3. Improves mood and reduces stress
Taking a few drops of lavender oil relieves anxiety, prevents sleep disturbances and protects against depression. Lavender oil has no undesirable side effects and does not interact with any medication.

4. Supports brain function
The neurological benefits of lavender oil do not end with its ability to act in depression and anxiety. Lavender oil is an excellent natural remedy for Alzheimer's disease. Taking lavender oil can help prevent brain oxidative stress and improve the condition after cognitive impairment.

Lavender oil contains antioxidants that act on neurological dysfunctions such as stroke.

To maintain a healthy nervous system, you can take a few drops of lavender oil internally or apply it locally to the skin in the area of the temples, back and neck.

External use of lavender oil

Lavender oil of "Zdravnitza" is also suitable for external use - either directly applied to the skin or as a component of various cosmetic products.

Burns and cuts
Lavender oil known for its antimicrobial properties and can be used to prevent various infections and combat bacterial and fungal disorders. Lavender oil accelerates the healing of burns, cuts, abrasions and wounds. The cosmetic use of lavender oil stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

Healthy skin and hair
Local use of lavender oil can improve the symptoms of a number of skin problems including damage after allergic reactions, acne and age spots. Lavender oil is a great anti-aging natural product.

Direct application or use of lavender oil to make shampoos and oil can significantly reduce hair loss.

More health benefits of lavender oil

Lavender oil of "Zdravnitza" is a natural product that has a beneficial effect on:
- Nausea and vomiting;
- Menstrual cramps;
- Solar spots;
- Dandruff.


Oregano oil of "Zdravnitza" is a nutritional supplement that is used as a dietary supplement, which support the nervous system work under stress, helps calm and relaxing sleep.


100% pure lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) obtained by maceration.

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take:
from 2 to 5 drops a day with water or food.

For external use:
apply directly to the skin or use as an ingredient in creams, lotions, masks or other cosmetic products.

Food supplement. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Do not use in pregnant women or nursing mothers. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product is not a medicine and does not substitute for a varied diet.

Packing: 50 ml in dark glass bottle with dropper


Andreas P 03/13/2023

really nice

the taste is not as strong as I expected, very good quality and I can feel the relaxing effect

    Боряна 08/05/2020

    Масло от лавандула

    Отличен продукт

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    Lavender oil, nervous system support, Zdravnitza, 50 ml

    Lavender oil, nervous system support, Zdravnitza, 50 ml

    Pure lavender oil obtained by maceration. Suitable for internal and external use. Supports nervous system performance under stress.

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