The word vitamin speaks for itself. It comes from the Latin "Vita" meaning life. All vitamins and organic compounds are combined with each other based on the absolute necessity of the body for a full life.

About Vitamins:

Vitamins are involved in a number of biochemical processes in the body. In the absence of vitamins, many of these processes are disturbed, which leads to improper functioning of the body and immediate consequences. Vitamins also play an important role in metabolism.

The many currently known vitamins can be divided into two groups: fat-soluble and water-soluble. The group of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F, K accumulates in the body as adipose tissue, but the water-soluble B and C practically do not accumulate in the body.

Signs of vitamin deficiency:

- A1 and A2 - night blindness, conjunctivitis, dryness of the cornea.
- B1 - polyneuritis and other diseases of the nervous system.
- B2 - dry mouth, inflammation of the tongue and lips, painful sores in the corners of the mouth.
- B3 - various skin lesions, insomnia, diarrhea, weakness.
- B4 - malfunction of the liver
- B5 - joint pain, muscle spasms, memory loss and hair loss.
- B6 - headache, fatigue, skin diseases, appetite and anemia.
- B7 - skin lesions, loss of appetite, nausea, depression, muscle pain, swelling of the tongue.
- B10 - intestinal problems.
- B11 - disorders in the metabolic processes of the body.
- B13 - various skin diseases.
- C - weakening of immunity, vulnerability of blood vessels and slow healing of wounds, pale and dry skin, bleeding gums, loosening and loss of teeth, thinning hair, hair loss, brittle nails, lethargy, drowsiness, weak muscle tone, pain in the legs.
- D - osteoporosis, skin diseases.
- E - lethargy, anemia, infertility, muscle weakness, muscle atrophy.
- F - atherosclerosis, accelerated tissue aging.
- K1 and K2 - poor blood clotting.
- N - liver disorders.
- P - capillary fragility, haemagiomas.
- U - gastritis and peptic ulcer.

What do we have to do?

In case you are worried about some of the above symptoms, consult a doctor first. Only a qualified specialist can give the correct answers to your questions and assign tests for biochemical indicators of the blood, give a correct diagnosis, and prescribe a correct diagnosis. Don't worry too much. Taking a sufficient dose of vitamins is not that difficult, and it is often enough to make your diet balanced and correct.

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