In Bulgaria, Tribulus terrestris herb can be found under the names: trabuzan, babini zabi, divi koshnichki, jelteniche.

Tribulus terrestris is a perennial grass silk fiber plant with a 10 - 50 cm high stem. The basal leaves are with handles, triple perestes, narrow linear portions. The stem leaves are seated. The flowers are 3-4 cm in diameter, dark purple, red or pale violet. The circles are curved outwards. Flowering March - May.

Usable part:

The overhead parts (Herba Pulsatillae)

Herbs growing:

Grows on dry rocky places. In Bulgaria they meet only in the Vitosha Mountain and Lyulin Mountain up to 800 m above sea level.


The active substances are steroid saponins - mainly protodioscin and protogycillin; The sapogenes of diosgenin, thigogenin, hecogenin and chlorogenin, and the like.


It has a soothing effect on the central and autonomic nervous system and a local irritation effect, causing blood to enter the irritated areas.

Useful properties:

The herb has a beneficial effect on:
- Scarce and irregular menstruation,
- chronic inflammation of the genital organs in the male and female,
- neuralgia, migraine, bile ducts, stomach and intestine,
- bronchitis, pertussis, etc.

Methood of preparation:

Apply as a pickle obtained from 2 teaspoons of herb, which is soaked in 250 g of cold water for 1 day. Drink in sips for 1 - 2 days


The herb should not be used for gastrointestinal inflammation and kidney inflammation, as severe irritation may exacerbate the disease and make it worse!