Still over in the Middle Ages in China and Europe, the milk thistle has been used to improve the liver and bile, to normalize digestion, and has been recommended for skin problems. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) contains vitamins, valuable oils and bioflavonoids.

Silymarin is extracted from the fruits of the milk thistle and is one of its most valuable ingredients. It works to restore and protect the liver cells by helping to eliminate toxins and slags from the body. Silymarin increases the production of bile juices and the proper absorption of fat, regulates the tone of the bile ducts and promotes digestion.

Milk thistle also recommends as a prophylactic to strengthen the liver and bile ducts especially when using alcohol frequently, unhealthy eating, smoking, or excessive use of medication. Studies show that the healing plant helps reduce the so-called bad cholesterol by preventing it from depositing on the walls of the blood vessels.

Research has shown that milk thistle oil has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitoxic action.

Milk thistle flour is also very useful. It acts positively on liver and bile problems, lowers cholesterol, helps with intestinal problems.

Scientific studies also indicate that silymarin contained in the milk thistle is an excellent tool in liver and bile diseases, especially in chronic cholecystitis.

Products such as tincture, oil and others have very good tolerability also in posthepatic syndrome.