Sour honey has been made since ancient times. The combination of honey, vinegar and herbs balances the flora of the mucous membranes and ensures a good absorption of their active ingredients. Sour honey is made from those medicinal plants whose action you need.

It is recommended to rely on 3 main herbs to make sour honey. These are angelica, lavender and rosemary.

Angelica balances digestion, especially when it is disturbed as a result of stress and mental fatigue.

Lavender soothes digestion and the psyche.

Rosemary improves blood circulation and the work of the digestive system.

Sour honey homemade recipe:

Necessary products:
- 500 g of pure Bulgarian honey;
- 100 ml Apple vinegar;
- Angelica roots, lavender flower and rosemary leaves.

Method of preparation:
Mix honey with apple cider vinegar. Fresh or dried herbs are finely chopped and also added to the mixture. It is left to stand for 14 days to absorb the composition of the medicinal herbs. Strain before use.

Method of use:
For 3 weeks, take 1 teaspoon of sour honey before meals every day.

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