Some time ago, Ivo Borisov, who has been living in Switzerland for many years, shared with "Zdravnitza" his patient story about how exactly the herb Tribulus terrestris teeth helped him.

"Tribulus terrestris works in a very wide range and quickly. It cured me completely of a hellish cluster headache, which is incurable all over the world according to modern medicine. I struggled for 2 years. Now, for 18 months now, I have not had a headache at all. Everything went away after only 1 month of taking the herb. Before that, the hellish pains were every other day. Excruciating pain until fainting, nausea and vomiting," he wrote to us.

We have now sought him out again to tell us more about the miraculous action of the Bulgarian Tribulus. Ivo Borisov is categorical about one more thing: the Bulgarian herb is the most medicinal and works literally miracles for health.

- Mr. Borisov, where exactly did you learn about the herb Tribulus terrestris?
- Quite by chance, I came across a publication about the Bulgarian healer Boris Nikolov, in which it was said that with the herb Tribulus terrestris in a decoction according to his recipe, he cured thousands of people from various serious diseases. I was so bad after a microstroke and with hellish cluster headaches that I was willing to try any alternative treatment because according to modern medicine there is no cure for these diseases. The other thing that finally convinced me to try treatment with this herb was when I read the results of clinical trials in 1989 with the first experimental medicine from the herb Tribulus terrestris at the Military Medical Academy in Sofia - also prepared by the healer Boris Nikolov. Three medical committees were amazed by the results. Naturally, I first tried treatment with a decoction according to Boris Nikolov's recipe. I did two courses of treatment for a month, but there was no effect for me. I then tried a tincture and Boralin of Tribulus terrestris (again in liquid form) and again it had no effect. I don't know why, but I strongly believed that this magical herb would help me too. I finally decided to try the powdered herb as well, and that's how I was cured - the hellish headache disappeared completely after a month, and the stroke symptoms within two months. From this, I judge that for neurological diseases of the brain, the herb helps only in powder form. I consider this my discovery.

- Where do herbs fit in your arsenal as a remedy? Do you agree that there is an herb for every ache?
- Personally, I don't use many herbs - mostly when I have some health problem. But when I think about it, with age it is good to drink some herbs prophylactically. For about a year I have been taking Bulgarian Tribulus powder with some breaks, and I plan to continue to do so in the future.

In addition to the undeniable healing properties, the herb also has an incredible rejuvenating effect (not external, but internal) on the body - it is due to the regulation of all hormones. At first I couldn't believe what was happening to my body - the feeling is really amazing.

Also, the powder treats severe headaches and migraines. Proven.

And yes, I am a firm believer that there is an herb for every ache – people have been healing with herbs for thousands of years.

- Why do you think that Bulgarian herbs are the most medicinal?
- All Bulgarian traditional healers claim it. I personally attribute it to the geographical position of Bulgaria, the climate and the soils. But from experience I was convinced that not only Bulgarian herbs are medicinal. For example, I cured myself with Spanish Tribulus terrestris powder because it is sold in Switzerland. Recently a woman who was almost completely immobilized in bed told me that she was cured of great joint and muscle pain with a Czech tincture of Tribulus terrestris.

- How do you explain this paradox: in the West, people have little faith in alternative methods of treatment, and at the same time, Switzerland is the country where holistic medicine is quite widespread - homeopathy, anthroposophic medicine, nutrition, etc.
- The only explanation I have is that there are many foreigners living in Switzerland. Over 25% of the country's population are foreigners. These people are more open to alternative treatment methods.

- Would you repeat the course of treatment with Tribulus terrestris?
- Yes, I even now take the herb prophylactically.

- What would you say in conclusion?
- A year ago I started sharing my story in quite a few herbal treatment social groups. Hundreds of people have started writing to me and I help everyone with information and advice based on my knowledge of the herb Tribulus terrestris. So far, in six months with tincture of Bulgarian tribulus, I have cured 6-7 people, mostly from severe discopathy (some could not walk due to pain and were about to undergo surgery), great joint and muscle pain, and I saved an elderly man aged 73 life. He had a severe arrhythmia of the heart and, according to him, was going away. The doctors could not help him. Now he is like a young man, the arrhythmia is gone and he declared that he will remember me well as long as he lives.

The article is informative and does not replace a consultation with a phytotherapist and/or doctor.

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