Mustard is a spice to food that is prepared from the seeds of the mustard plant (white mustard, black mustard, etc.). The synonym "mustard" (mustard seed) is also used for the name of the plant. The main ingredients of the culinary product are vinegar, salt, water and oil. It may also contain spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, cloves and more. The taste of culinary mustard is moderately spicy and slightly hot, the aroma - pleasant.

The preparation and use of mustard as a culinary product dates back to the millennium BC in Indian cuisine and in the cuisine of ancient Rome and ancient Greece.

The first documented recipe for mustard was in the Gauls in 42 BC. Mustard became very popular in France in the Middle Ages, when it was produced mainly in monasteries and was one of the main sources of income for them. Thus Pope John XXII (1249-1334) issued a decree declaring the French city of Dijon the only producer of mustard, and thus Dijon mustard remained in history.

What could be better than making homemade mustard? The products we need are easy to find, quick and delicious.


- 50 g white mustard (whole grains or flour)
- 50 g black mustard (whole grains or flour)
- 150 g of apple cider vinegar
- 1 tbsp. spoon of honey
- 1/2 teaspoon salt
- 30 ml White wine
- 15 ml oil
- 1 teaspoon of turmeric

The mustard is poured with vinegar and soaked for 24 hours. Then everything is ground in a robot or with a blender. After grinding, leave for several hours in the refrigerator.

Where to buy the necessary products?

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