ZeolithMed, pure ultrafine zeolite, 600 capsules
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ZeolithMed, pure ultrafine zeolite, 600 capsules

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Product information

Zeolite is a porous mineral composed mainly of aqueous aluminosilicates of sodium and calcium, silicon and oxygen. It is a powerful absorbent. At the microscopic level, it can be seen that its skeleton has the structure of a honeycomb.

Natural zeolite or clinoptiolite is a mineral with exceptional properties. It cleanses our body of toxins and bacteria, thus having a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Zeolite is considered completely harmless and non-toxic for oral administration in humans and animals.

Health Benefits:

There are many claims about its benefits, but one thing is for sure - zeolite is a powerful detoxifier! It is said that it has a beneficial effect on heart problems, insomnia, nervousness and arthritis due to the presence of all the minerals we need. When using water purified with zeolite, they are protected and do not have ulcers, gastritis and colitis. Studies show that zeolite is a great complement to the action of natural immunostimulants such as echinacea, pollen, propolis and others.

Zeolite has a number of health benefits, including:
- Improves the function of the immune system.
- Purifies toxins in the body, absorbed through the air and food.
- Regenerates liver cells damaged by alcohol and drugs.
- Stimulates intestinal peristalsis.
- Helps remove free radicals from the body.
- Helps maintain the strength of cell membranes.
- Acts as a powerful antioxidant.


100% clinoptilolite (zeolite).

Content of 1 capsule: Zeolite - 500 mg

Content of daily dose: Zeolite - 3000 mg

Excipients: Cellulose capsule.

Suggsted Use:

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules (morning, noon and evening) with water, juice or milk.

While taking ZeolithMed it is recommended to increase water intake - 2-3 liters per day.

Do not take in case of impaired renal function.

Dietary supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of 6 capsules. Do not use by children under 12 years, pregnant and lactating women.

Do not inhale or apply to eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Do not use continuously. Discontinue use if you notice unusual effects.

Packing: 600 capsules


Юлияна 10/31/2021

Чудесен продукт!

Сигурен начин за извличане на токсините от тялото! Силно препоръчвам да опитате ефективността на този продукт.

    Жанет Господинова 10/31/2021


    Много съм доволна!

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      ZeolithMed, pure ultrafine zeolite, 600 capsules

      ZeolithMed, pure ultrafine zeolite, 600 capsules

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