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"Maple Syrup Detoxification" - Helathy Package

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Package 5-7 daily detoxifying program. The products contained in the package will cleanse the body of toxins and help lower cholesterol.

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Package Quantity: 4 products
Origin: Канада, Полша, Китай, Турция
Ingredients: Maple syrup, apple pectin, ginger and lemon juice
Shipping Weight: 1.4 kg

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Nowadays our body is under constant attack from the environment, various pesticides, artificial sweeteners and flavors, poor quality of drinking water, poor quality of food and many others. These contaminants, over time, contribute to the "breaking" of the human body.

With the original Canadian maple syrup can clear the body of toxins, to stabilize your immune system and raise vitality. With the original Canadian maple syrup can fight allergies, headaches, chronic fatigue, arthritis and others.

The original Canadian maple syrup is one of the few unprocessed sugars. Through it your body absorbs many trace elements. The original Canadian maple syrup is high in zinc and manganese, which are particularly useful for the heart and promote proper balancing cholesterol levels.

Ingredients in package:

"Maple Syrup Detoxification" - Helathy Package includes 4 products:
Original Canadian maple syrup - 500 ml
100% lemon juice - 500 ml - 1 pc
Ginger, root, powder - 50 g
Apple Fibers powder - 80 g - 1 pc.


To start a program to detoxify the body needs to replace 2 or 3 meals during the day with so-called. Maple drink. To prepare the drink maples need the following ingredients:
- 2 tbsp Original Canadian maple syrup;
- 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice;
- 1 pinch of ginger powder;
- 200 ml hot or cold water.

All ingredients were combined and mixed well.

To achieve the desired results consume about 2 liters per day of this drink. When you feel hunger or weakness, drink one cup. This drink provides the body with necessary for normal functioning of vitamins and minerals. The absence of protein in the diet will enhance and strengthen the discharge of toxins from the body.

Apple Fibers (pectin) powder

Apple fiber 80g (pectin) is recommended for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of proper nutrition.

Consequences of poor nutrition:

- Problems with metabolism (pomposity, feeling full stomach);
- Obesity;
- High level of cholesterol.

Key features:

- Improves the function of the intestines;
- Keeps a long satiety, which helps maintain proper body weight and prevent obesity;
- Reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides;
- Removes toxins and heavy metals from the body.

During the detoxification program take every morning 1-2 tsp apple pectin, mixed in a glass of water, fruit juice or low-fat yogurt.


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"Maple Syrup Detoxification" - Helathy Package

"Maple Syrup Detoxification" - Helathy Package

Package 5-7 daily detoxifying program. The products contained in the package will cleanse the body of toxins and help lower cholesterol.

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