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Organic Chlorella powder, Biotona, 200 g
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Organic Chlorella powder, Biotona, 200 g

от: Biotona

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Chlorella is a natural food supplement that has a high concentration of nucleic acids, many proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

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Product code: 67894015
EAN Code: 5412360010981
Package Quantity: 200 g
Origin: Belgium
Ingredients: Chlorella powder
Shipping Weight: 0.220 kg
Suitable for: Adults, Vegetarians, Vegans

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Product information

Chlorella is a green single-cell freshwater algae. It has a particular cellular structure: the walls of its cells are made of 3 layers. They are extremely healthy and very securely keep their core. The cell's middle wrapper is the strongest and consists of cellulose. Its outer sheath is a polymeric carotenoid and removes toxins, ie neutralizes the action of poisonous substances. Chlorella also has a high concentration of nucleic acids, many proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

Health Benefits:

If you are vaccinated or exposed to radiation, you may have heavy metals that have been deposited in the body. It is important for your overall health and wellness to be active in the detoxification of metals and toxins. One of the most important health benefits of chlorella is that it wraps around the "unpleasant" toxins like lead, cadmium, mercury and uranium and prevents their absorption. Regular consumption of chlorella helps to prevent them from accumulating.

Detoxification after chemotherapy
Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the most common forms of cancer treatment. Anyone who has been subjected to one of the two methods of treatment or having his acquaintances and friends who are subject to them knows the consequences of their application. High levels of chlorophyll in chlorella have been proven to protect the body by removing radioactive particles.

Support immune system
Chlorella supports a healthy response to the immune system, according to a study in 2012 of patients who had taken the food supplement for 8 weeks.

Weight loss
Losing weight is difficult, especially with age. Scientists say that the use of chlorella is a significant reduction in the percentage of body fat, cholesterol concentration in serum and very good blood glucose levels. The benefits of chlorella are that they help to improve the activity of hormones associated with metabolism, circulation, which leads to a greater energy flow.

To look younger
Chlorella may slow the aging process, according to the study. The use of chlorel reduces the so-called oxidative stress and irregular diet. It also increases the levels of vitamin A, C and the antioxidant glutathione, which eliminates free radicals and thus protects cells from aging. So it makes you look younger.

Type-2 diabetes and high cholesterol are two of the serious chronic diseases many people today are forced to live with. Years of poor nutrition, stress and lack of sleep have led to one of these two diagnoses. Chlorella reduces so-called bad cholesterol and high blood sugar levels.


Chlorella powder, Organic culture from China.

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy: 236 kcal / 1370 kJ
Fat: 12 g
of which saturated: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 17 g
of which sugars: 0.8 g
Fiber: 12 g
Protein: 58 g
Salt: 2.5 g


Add 5 g (1 tablespoon) to 200 ml of smoothie or shake in combination with fruit juice or other superfood, milk, yogurt or water.

Packing: 200 g


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Organic Chlorella powder, Biotona, 200 g

Organic Chlorella powder, Biotona, 200 g

Chlorella is a natural food supplement that has a high concentration of nucleic acids, many proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

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