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Biostil-2 (for brain and body)

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Recommended for abnormalities in peripheral and cerebral blood circulation, memory disturbances, concentration and more.

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Package Quantity: 100 ml
Origin: Bulgaria
Shipping Weight: 0.130 кг.

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Extract from medicinal plants "Biostil-2" contains a wide range of biologically active substances, including flavonoids (ginkgolides, bilabolidi), glycosides (aucubin and linarin), saponins (ekvizitin), tannins, organic acids and others. They mutually increase (potentiate) effect. Hamamelis is considered the best proven remedy for varicose veins in the world phytotherapeutic and homeopathic medical practice. Centella (Gotu car) facilitates the removal of venous stasis, and also with the famous Ginkgo biloba has the ability to improve the circulation of the capillary level - especially the cerebral circulation (been widely used in the East to support meditative practices, as such as, but contains caffeine, enhances the function of brain cells). Plantain and Horsetail anti-inflammatory and diuretic, strengthen connective tissue structures in the walls of blood vessels, joints, skin and other parts of the body.

Coriander improves digestion and removes vessel spasms and tonic smooth muscle fibers hook and so accelerates elimination processes. The result of the cumulative effect of the complex optimization of circulation (as venotonic and capillary action), improving memory and overall metabolism.

It is recommended that the application of "Biostil 2" at:

• Disturbances in peripheral and cerebral blood circulation, memory disturbances, impaired concentration;
• Varicose veins and capillaries and; hemorrhoids (along with external application of ointment "Gerofit") coldness;
• Comprehensive programs for regulating water-salt balance in edema and obesity;
• General fatigue and increase efficiency, and to improve health and aesthetically effect of various fitness and beauty events.

The product is formulated based on the adapted Eastern recipes, according to modern phytotherapeutic knowledge. Can be combined with "Presotonin", "Relaxin '" Fitoartrin "or other liquid phyto according to the desired complex effect.


For persons over 14 years - 1-2 teaspoons a day - once in the morning or morning and evening on an empty stomach diluted with lukewarm water or herbal tea (eg. №3 or 7, manufactured by the same company).

This product is fully labeled in Bulgarian 

Packing: 100 ml.


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Biostil-2 (for brain and body)

Biostil-2 (for brain and body)

Recommended for abnormalities in peripheral and cerebral blood circulation, memory disturbances, concentration and more.

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