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Organic Moringa powder - 250 g

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Moringa tree comes from India, its leaves are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals.

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Package Quantity: 250 g
Origin: Slovenia
Ingredients: Moringa powder, organic
Shipping Weight: 0.260 kg (0.80 lbs)

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Product information

Moringa tree comes from India, its leaves are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals. 100 g of horseradish tree leaves contain 2 times more protein than 100 grams of yogurt, 4 times more calcium than 100 grams of milk; the same amount of potassium as bananas 100 grams; the same amount of vitamin A such as carrots and 100 g 3 times the amount of vitamin C on 100 grams of oranges.

Moringa powder is made by drying in the shade of fresh leaves, which closely and finely milled powder.

Health benefits of Moringa:

Research has shown that different parts of the Moringa can be used to treat over 300 diseases. Here we describe some of the most useful properties:

Moringa powder is a product rich in vitamin A. It contains four times more vitamin A or beta-carotene than carrots. Therefore, it is practically a weapon against blindness.

This is a rich source of vitamin C, it contains many times more than oranges.

Ordinary milk is deliberately one of the richest sources of calcium, but the amount of calcium in the leaves of Moringa is much higher than that in milk. Moringa leaves are believed to contain twice as much protein as there in milk.

Bananas are a rich source of potassium. But the leaves of Moringa contains seven times more potassium than bananas.

Together with potassium, zinc is also found in large quantities in Moringa.

If the leaves of Moringa are consumed by everyone in the world, he would be released from anemia because this plant contains three times more iron than spinach.

Because of all these junk food that surround us and consume every day, many people are faced with problems related to high cholesterol levels. Moringa powder helps to balance cholesterol levels in the body.

Moringa also contains a number of essential amino acids.

Moringa has a beneficial effect on:

- Diabetes
- Cholesterol
- AIDS and HIV
- Stimulates metabolism
- Improves digestion
- Greatly increases the amount of breast milk in lactating women
- Protects the liver and kidneys.


100% raw Moringa powder from organic production.

Suggested Use:

Indians traditionally consume this product as a dietary supplement. On the other hand, Moringa powder is excellent addition to many recipes. Many people think that there is a flavor of walnuts.

You can add moringa powder into your shakes, smoothies or sprinkle it in soups or salads. You can use it as a thickener for soup or to make a sauce. Moringa powder can be sprinkled on top of many dishes before they are served, including various meats, stews and more.

Packing: 250 g

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Product offered by "Zdravnitza". If you have pharmacy, health store or other commercial establishment on the territory of Bulgaria and the European Union, you can contact us to provide you with pricelist and terms of partnership accord. More information find in "Wholesale".

"Zdravnitza" is a registered trademark owned by "New S Net" LTD, Sofia, Bulgaria. Our products are 100% guaranteed quality and possess all the necessary certificates.


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Organic Moringa powder - 250 g

Organic Moringa powder - 250 g

Moringa tree comes from India, its leaves are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals.

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