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Broccoli, sprouts seeds, Zdravnitza, 50 g

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Broccoli sprouts are live, wholesome food that you can prepare at home. Sprouts have many health benefits.

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Product code: 20094731
EAN Code: 3800232542586
Package Quantity: 50 g
Origin: EU
Ingredients: Broccoli seeds
Shipping Weight: 0.070 kg
Suitable for: Adults, Children, Vegetarians, Vegans

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Product information

- 100% natural product
- Live, wholesome home-made food
- Over 85% germination capacity
- Suitable for the whole family

Broccoli is an edible green plant in the cabbage family (family Brassicaceae, genus Brassica) whose large flowering head and stalk is eaten as a vegetable. The word broccoli comes from the Italian plural of broccolo, which means "the flowering crest of a cabbage", and is the diminutive form of brocco, meaning "small nail" or "sprout".

What is germination (sprouts) seed?

The life of each plant starts from the seeds. When the seed placed the fertile soil, it germinates and gives rise to the life of the plant.

Before the plant bears its fruit, it sprouts. These sprouts look like small plants with green stems and leaves. These sprouts are known for their extremely high nutritional value.

Sprouts are thought to contain nearly 100 times more enzymes than raw vegetables. Enzymes are synthesized into sprouts to facilitate their own cellular growth, but they are no less beneficial to our cells when we consume sprouts.

Germination increases the content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in nuts and seeds, making them easier to digest and digestible.

Useful properties of broccoli:

Broccoli contains a large amount of nutrients, minerals, fiber and other bioactive compounds. In the composition of this vegetable you will find vitamins A, C, K, B9 (folate), as well as minerals: potassium, phosphorus and selenium.

Broccoli can be consumed both raw and cooked, but different preparation methods provide different nutrient profiles. Only 80 grams of broccoli per day will provide 84% of your daily vitamin C reference intake.

The antioxidant content of broccoli is one of the major health benefits of this vegetable. Broccoli contains high levels of glucoraphanin, a compound that, during digestion, becomes a powerful antioxidant called sulforaphane.

Broccoli also contains measurable amounts of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which prevent oxidative stress and cellular damage in the eye.

Broccoli has a beneficial effect in:
- Cancer;
- Inflammation in the body;
- High blood sugar;
- Cardiovascular diseases;
- Constipation and digestive problems;

Consumption of broccoli sprouts helps the brain function and slows down the aging process.


The beneficial properties of broccoli sprouts are often associated with sulforaphane, a compound that has many health benefits.

Sulforafante is a sulfur-rich compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and bok choy.

Sulforafactor has an anti-cancer effect. This substance has the property of preventing the growth of cancer cells by releasing antioxidants and detoxifying enzymes that protect against the carcinogenic agents causing cancer.

Product Specification:

Product purity: 99%
Moisture content: 9%
Germination (germination capacity) - at least 85%
Seeds content in 1 g: 500/700 pcs


Seeds of broccoli for germination.

GMO Free! Does not contain chemical additives!

Method of preparation:

Put 2 tablespoons of seeds in a jar or other suitable container. Add water to cover the seeds completely. Store the jar in a dark place at room temperature. Broccoli seeds will germinate in warmer environments.

Strain the seeds every morning and replace with fresh water. In a few days the seeds will begin to germinate. When the leaves start to turn yellow and the sprouts grow about 1 cm, you can move them in sunlight. Continue to rinse and replace the water until the leaves turn green. The sprouts are then ready for consumption. Store ready-made sprouts in the refrigerator.

The ready-made sprouts can be consumed directly or added to salads, shakes or smoothies.

You can also use a sprouting device to make sprouts.

Packing: 50 g


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Broccoli, sprouts seeds, Zdravnitza, 50 g

Broccoli, sprouts seeds, Zdravnitza, 50 g

Broccoli sprouts are live, wholesome food that you can prepare at home. Sprouts have many health benefits.

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