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Sunflower seedd, raw, hulled, Zdravnitza, 200 g
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Sunflower seed, raw, hulled, Zdravnitza, 200 g

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Raw and hulled sunflower seeds are a natural source of Vitamin E, good fats and selenium. Natural product suitable for the whole family.

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Product code: 92170984
EAN Code: 3800232542616
Package Quantity: 200 g
Origin: Bulgaria
Ingredients: Sunflower seeds - hulled
Shipping Weight: 0.230 kg
Suitable for: Adults, Children, Diabetics, Vegetarians, Vegans

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Product information

- 100% natural product
- Raw, hulled sunflower seeds
- Natural source of Vitamin E
- Suitable for the whole family

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is an annual crop. The fruit of the sunflower is a seed with an elongated ovate shape. It consists of a flake and a nut. The flake can be white, gray, violet, black or streaked. The weight of 1000 seeds is between 45 and 120 g. The kernel has a thin shell, two cotyledons and a germ.

Sunflower originates from the steppe of North America, where wild forms are now found.

In Europe the plant was transferred in 1510 and planted in the Madrid Botanical Gardens. In the beginning it was grown as an ornamental plant and for seeds.

As an oil plant, sunflower is most likely used by the Native American population. It is believed that the Indians received oil to grease their hair and body or to get dyes to dye their clothes. However, as an oilseed crop, it has been grown since the early 19th century in the Voronezh region, Russia, from where it was brought back to Europe.

Health Benefits:

The seeds contain some vitamins, mainly vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin E. It may be some new information that yellow flowers can be used after drying as the main ingredient for tea.

Hulled sunflower seeds greatly enhance health. They contain, in addition to unsaturated fatty acids, also valuable proteins. If you take a packet of seeds with you during the walk, you have a light weight but highly effective and food product.

Regular consumption of raw sunflower seeds is beneficial for:
- Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels - sunflower seeds contain vitamin E, magnesium, proteins, linoleic acid and a number of plant compounds;
- Inflammation in the body - the seeds of sunflower seeds lower the levels of C-reactive protein;
- Weight loss - Sunflower seeds are rich in beneficial, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber. Consumption of raw sunflower seeds gives a feeling of satiety;
- Normal function of the immune system and thyroid gland - Raw sunflower seeds are a great source of selenium that contributes to healthy immune function, DNA synthesis, reproductive health and synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Vitamin and mineral content:

100 g of raw sunflower seeds provide:
Vitamin A - 9.0IU
Vitamin C - 1.4 mg
Vitamin E - 26.1 mg
Niacin: 7.0 mg
Folic acid: 237 mcg
Choline: 55.1 mg

Calcium: 70 mcg
Iron: 3.8 mg
Magnesium: 129 mg
Phosphorus: 1155 mg
Potassium: 850 mg
Zinc: 5.3 mg
Selenium: 79 mcg


Raw, hullded sunflower seeds.

Does not contain additives or chemicals!

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy: 585 kcal / 2445 kJ
Fat: 46 g
of which saturated: 4.0 g
Carbohydrates: 17 g
of which sugars: 2 g
Protein 18 g
Fiber: 18 g
Salt: 0 g


For direct consumption and culinary use.

Raw sunflower seeds of "Zdravnitza" can be added to shakes, smoothies and salads.

Pakcing: 200 g


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Sunflower seed, raw, hulled, Zdravnitza, 200 g

Sunflower seed, raw, hulled, Zdravnitza, 200 g

Raw and hulled sunflower seeds are a natural source of Vitamin E, good fats and selenium. Natural product suitable for the whole family.

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