Turmeric, powder, Zdravnitza, 50 g
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Turmeric, powder, Zdravnitza, 50 g

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Turmeric helps in case problems with bile and digestive disorders, soothes intestinal peristalsis, flatulence, etc.

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Product code: 66999711
EAN Code: 3800232541381
Package Quantity: 50 g
Origin: India
Ingredients: Powdered roots of turmeric
Shipping Weight: 0.060 kg
Suitable for: Adults, Children, Vegetarians, Vegans

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Product information

- 100% natural product
- Extra quality
- Powerful antioxidant
- Source of curcumin

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a perennial plant of the genus Turmeric reaching a height of one meter, with a highly branched rhizome. The root of the plant is used as in medicine and in cooking. It has a strong coloring effect in yellow due to the 2-5% content of pigment in turmeric root and specific taste, and comprises 5% essential fatty acids.

Useful properties:

Turmeric is a component in healing recipes much suffering - they rely on the high content of curcumin, a powerful antioxidant and component of anti-age, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

The products of turmeric are used primarily for anti-inflammatory activity of curcumin. Operate successfully in problems with bile and digestive disorders; soothe the intestinal peristalsis and excessive flatulence in the intestines. Assist in balancing the digestion and absorption of food components.

It is experimentally demonstrated the positive effects of turmeric therapy in patients with osteoarthritis - achieved pain management thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect and decrease the characteristic swelling.

Successful use of turmeric as possible and in diseases of the skin associated with different types of infections. As an antiseptic and antifungal agent with effect turmeric is a good option for the treatment of skin irritations of different types, rashes, swelling and swelling of insect bites, acne, ocular inflammation and infections of the oral mucosa.

One of the proven properties of the most important ingredient in turmeric - curcumin, is to control blood glucose levels. Numerous studies have shown experimentally with the participation of volunteers that curcumin balance insulin resistance after prolonged use plays a crucial role in the anti-diabetes prevention.

In patients with diabetes of the second type significantly improves the condition of small blood vessels and slows the progression of pain.


Powdered roots of turmeric (Rhizoma Curcuma Longa).

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy: 354 kcal / 1481 kJ
Carbohydrates: 65 g of
of which sugars: 0.00 g
Protein, 8 g of
Fat: 10 g
of which saturates: 2.40 g
Unsaturated: 7.6 g
Salt: 0.10 g


As a spice in cooking. Add to dishes, salads, sauces, dressings and more. There are specific and slightly spicy taste of fuels consumed. Turns bright yellow.


add 1-2 tsp of 500 g total weight.

Packing: 50 g

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Turmeric, powder, Zdravnitza, 50 g

Turmeric, powder, Zdravnitza, 50 g

Turmeric helps in case problems with bile and digestive disorders, soothes intestinal peristalsis, flatulence, etc.

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