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"Rosehip" - Healthy package

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Healthy package "Rosehip" includes: Rosehip powder, Whole, dried rosehips, Organic Rosehip oil and Vitamin C with Rosehip.

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Package Quantity: 4 products
Origin: Bulgaria
Ingredients: Rosehip powder and whole fruits, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin C with rosehips
Shipping Weight: 0.550 kg

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Healthy package "Rosehip" includes: Rosehip powder, Whole, dried rosehips, Organic Rosehip oil and Vitamin C with Rosehip.

Rosehip powder and whole fruit

Vitamin C content of rosehip ahead even citrus. In hip fruits contain more Vitamin P, Vitamin B1 and B2, carotene, pectin, organic acids and minerals. Rosehip seed possess vitamin E and 12 to 16 percent oil, which makes them a valuable raw material for cosmetics and for the production of compound feed.

In Bulgarian folk medicine, rosehip is widely used. Rose hips are used as a means of strengthening the body's defenses and improving performance, especially in late fall, winter and early spring.

Preparations made on the basis of rose hips successfully treat infectious diseases. Its used in atherosclerosis, diseases of the liver and kidneys, respiratory organs, gastrointestinal diseases and colds, metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders.

After a serious illness, rose hips raise vitality, activate the immune system and strengthen the circulatory system. It is used for stones and sand in the kidneys and bladder.

Rose hips enhance tissue regeneration, hormone synthesis, vascular permeability. Fruits and seeds have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. Thus, rosehip, as one of the major suppliers of vitamin C in the body, we need not only to protect against infections. Rosehip lowers blood pressure, normalizes metabolism, assists in the absorption of iron.

Rosehip has many healing properties, and one of them may be its mild laxative effect, but it should take longer. Often combined with hibiscus flower.

Organic Rosehip oil

Bulgarian rosehip seed oil - Ecola is a completely natural product, which, thanks to its hydrating and regenerating properties, is an ideal means of maintaining the freshness of your skin, preserving its smoothness, elasticity and softness.

Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Provitamin A, beta-carotenes and antioxidants - extremely important with their protective and anti-inflammatory properties, having a beneficial effect on the regenerative processes in the inner layer of the skin. The excellent hydrating and rejuvenating effect of this product is due to them.

The abundance of carotene determines the red-orange color of this oil. It is super delicate, the so-called "dry oil" gently absorbs into the skin, softening it, smoothing the relief without clogging the pores, leaving a feeling of velvety softness.

Vitamin C with Rosehip

A nutritional supplement with beneficial effects on the immune system. It improves the activity of white blood cells, which in turn have the function of detecting, destroying and eating viruses, bacteria and cancer cells.

Vitamin C is an extremely important oxidant, and it even enhances the action of other antioxidants like our well-known vitamins A and E, contributing to the important benefit outlined first. It contributes to the normal formation of collagen and normal bone function, cartilage, skin and blood vessels and the absorption of non-blood iron.

The food that is richest in vitamin C is Rosehip - a high-vitamin source that also contains tannins, pectins and many other beneficial substances. The combination of vitamin C and other ingredients in rosehip stimulates the formation of red blood cells, reinforces the body's resistive forces many times and improves performance. It is extremely useful for strengthening the heart and the blood system.


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"Rosehip" - Healthy package

"Rosehip" - Healthy package

Healthy package "Rosehip" includes: Rosehip powder, Whole, dried rosehips, Organic Rosehip oil and Vitamin C with Rosehip.

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