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"Apple" - Healthy package
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"Apple" - Healthy package

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Healthy package "Apple" includes: Apple (fruit) powder, Unfiltered apple cider vinegar with 5% acidity and Apple pectin powder.

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Package Quantity: 3 products
Ingredients: Apple powder, Apple Vinegar, Apple pectin
Shipping Weight: 0.900 kg

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Healthy package "Apple" includes: Apple powder, Zdravnitza - 200 g, Natural Bulgarian Apple Vinegar - 500 ml, Apple Pectin Powder.

Apple powder

To make this product, we used only ripe fruits that are sun-dried and then ground to a fine powder. It has a slightly sour taste and fruity aroma. It gives its characteristic brownish color to the recipes prepared with it. It can be consumed directly without heat treatment or used in combination with other flours.

Apples are a fruit with a very low glycemic index. They contain about 12-15% carbohydrate - pectin, cellulose, glucose and fructose, malic and citric acid, and are rich in minerals, as well as valuable vitamins B1, B2, C, E, P and PP.

Apple powder is widely used in the food and cosmetics industries. At home it can be used both in nutrition and in the making of various creams, lotions and more.

Apple powder successfully used in the preparation of baked goods. You can add a small amount to impart attractive color (for example, instead of cocoa) or more to get the typical apple flavor cakes, fruit cakes, biscuits and even pancakes. Since this is in fact dried fruit, ground to a fine powder, you can add it in the preparation of baby cereals and purees.

Pure Bularian Apple cider vinegar

It is suitable for a wide range of dishes - from salads and sauces, to various types of meat and desserts.

The use of apple cider vinegar is far from limited to culinary purposes and its benefits are numerous. In various doses and combinations with water and honey can have a beneficial effect on our body.

Natural apple cider vinegar VINOCETI has the following benefits: helps detox, stimulates blood circulation and energy flow, protects against muscle spasms, increases muscle mass and strength with regular exercise, relieves muscle pain and stiffness in the joints, mineralizes the body, strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure pressure and blood sugar and helps to lose weight.

It is also a natural disinfectant, relieves symptoms of nausea and vomiting, and lowers fever.

Apple Pectin

Apple Fibers 80g (Pectin Powder) is recommended for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and care for proper nutrition.

The product is in convenient and practical packaging (zipper bag - 80g)

Pectin consumption has been found to lower blood cholesterol levels. This is due to the increased viscosity of the intestinal contents, which in turn leads to its association with cholesterol and bile acids and reduced cholesterol absorption. In the colon, microorganisms metabolize pectin and release short-chain fatty acids, which are prebiotics and have an extremely beneficial effect on human health.

Pectin can be used in the prevention of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the formation of gallstones.


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"Apple" - Healthy package

"Apple" - Healthy package

Healthy package "Apple" includes: Apple (fruit) powder, Unfiltered apple cider vinegar with 5% acidity and Apple pectin powder.

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